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Buddha SPA Signature Massage

The best Asian massage techniques have to offer together with the premium aromatherapy benefits give your body the chance to be pampered and relaxed while experiencing an ideal mix of moves and healing practices.

Bamboo Massage

The perfectly balanced combination of moves and elements that will bring your body into perfect harmony and shape, The Bamboo Massage is famous for reducing stress and tension.

Hot Stone (volcanic spa) Massage

Experience the time-honored volcanic rock massage and offer your body the well-deserved deep and restorative sleep it needs.

Deep Tissue Massage

One of the most renowned massages that also enjoy a considerable request is The Deep Tissue Massage, famous for using slower and firmer moves than any other known technique.

Herbal Ball Massage Therapy

The ideal cure for pain relief and inflammation of the muscles is also a treat for the senses, taking you on a unique sensorial journey.

Four hands Massage

With gentle and often synchronized moves, The Four Hands Massage technique brings warmth in the body before carefully compressing and rubbing each area that is being worked on.

Shiatsu Massage

These oriental massage techniques use the fingers and thumbs on the pressure points of the body and they can be applied both dry or with oil.

Swedish Massage

The Swedish Classic Massage is your best bet! It’s a great gentle massage for first timers and ideal for relaxing muscle tension and stress.

Back Head & Shoulders Massage

A very efficient massage this technique focuses on the key parts of the body that usually are more predisposed to being affected by stress or a bad sleep position, this is the ideal remedy for your so needed relaxation.

Hilot Tradittional Massage

A powerful therapy rooted in the Philippine Wellness Tradition, the Hilot Massage consists in the use of preheated herbal oil that once applied will determine the increase of energy and unblock all obstructions.

Prenatal Massage

A unique experience that comes with unique needs, the pregnancy can also be a time of celebration for the body, as it goes through an amazing transformation.

Couples Massage

A relaxing experience in a warm and cozy atmosphere, the Couples Massage is the ideal choice for the ones who want to celebrate love and spoil their bodies.

Kids Massage

In these modern times when stress is a common factor influencing even our children, Buddha Spa Studio conceived a special massage that represents an excellent tool to incorporate not only relaxation but also the way the body develops and improve the child’s sleep pattern.

Candle Massage

A true delight for your senses, due to its aromatherapy elements, The Candle Massage is a truly special treatment that uses the warm oil from our special candles while offering you a both relaxing and stimulating massage.


A technique especially developed in order to apply pressure on specific reflex points of the hands and feet, with the goal of preventing and treating disorders, Reflexology uses the same principles acupuncture does.

Facial Massage and cosmetic treatment

There is nothing more enchanting than a relaxed and hydrated face. In a time when our skin is severely exposed to the damaging effects of the sun, pollution and other environmental factors, it is vital for us to make sure that we try our best to prevent premature aging.

Anti-cellulite massage

An aesthetic treatment that will favorably improve your appearance, the Anti-cellulite Massage helps detoxifying the body by removing the toxins while smoothing the adipose nodules.

Body Scrub

Using an abrasive material, the Scrub is the base treatment for skin exfoliation use ever since ancient times in order to regenerate the tissue and facilitate a profound hydration.