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Buddha SPA Signature Massage

The best asian massage techniques are now combined with the benefits of body aromatherapy to be pampered and relaxed, while experimenting with a mix of different movements and healing ways.

Bamboo Massage

A perfectly balanced combination of movements and elements designed to harmonize the body, while giving it all the prerequisites to improve its shape.

Hot Stone (volcanic spa) Massage

Experience the traditional method of massage with volcanic rocks to celebrate your body and restore its ability to regenerate through deep and invigorating sleep.

Deep Tissue Massage

The objective of this massage is to remove tension from the muscles in depth. An effective technique that involves rather robust movements, Deep Tissue Massage helps the body release toxins and lactic acid even from ligaments and tendons that pose a risk of being inflamed.

Herbal Ball Massage Therapy

The ideal cure for pain relief and inflammation of the muscles is also a treat for the senses, taking you on a unique sensorial journey.

Four hands Massage

The ultimate experience when it comes to body relaxation is The Four Hands Massage, a regal of Asian techniques put into practice by two therapists, which simultaneously offers the best premises for recovery.

Shiatsu Massage

These oriental techniques mainly use the fingers, especially the fonts, to apply pressure to strategic points in the body, and specific movements can be performed with or without massage oil, depending on your preferences.

Swedish Massage

Recommended for beginners in the mysteries of massage, these techniques are ideal for muscle relaxation and stress elimination. Among the many benefits offered by the Swedish Massage are also the improvement of blood circulation and implicit oxygenation of cells.

Back Head & Shoulders Massage

A very effective massage for relaxing the body parts that are usually affected by stress or an inappropriate sleep position, this technique is the ideal remedy for getting much desired relaxation.

Hilot Tradittional Massage

A powerful therapy rooted in the Philippine Wellness Tradition, the Hilot Massage consists in the use of preheated herbal oil that once applied will determine the increase of energy and unblock all obstructions.

Prenatal Massage

A unique experience in every aspect of it, the pregnancy period also entails a number of special needs with the essential transformations that the body has undergone at this stage.

Couples Massage

The Couples Massage is the ideal choice for those who choose to celebrate their love and pamper their bodies. With the help of our therapists, you will be able to experience what type of massage you want and opt for relaxation or toning, depending on your preferences.

Kids Massage

Stress has become an important factor even for our children, who are directly affected by its consequences. Buddha Spa Studio has thus designed a special massage that combines relaxation, supporting a harmonious development of the body and even improving the sleep pattern of children.

Candle Massage

A real delight for the senses thanks to its aromatherapy-specific elements, the candle-heated oil massage offers a relaxing and stimulating treatment.


A technique especially developed in order to apply pressure on specific reflex points of the hands and feet, with the goal of preventing and treating disorders, Reflexology uses the same principles acupuncture does.

Facial Massage and cosmetic treatment

Our treatment will ensure a perfectly balanced mix between technique and quality products, all to brighten your face and give you a young look. With our rejuvenation formula, Cosmetic Facial Treatment will stimulate the growth of new skin cells.

Premium facial treatment

Developed around the Klapp brand’s cosmetic treatment protocol, Premium Luxury Facial treatment is based on the natural regenerative power of skin and neck skin through active ingredients and traditional facial massage techniques.

Anti-cellulite massage

An aesthetic treatment designed to improve the appearance of the body, Anticellulite Massage helps detoxify the body by eliminating toxins during the smoothing process of fat nodules.

Body Scrub

By using abrasive elements, Scrub is a basic treatment for skin exfoliation used since ancient times to regenerate tissue and facilitate deep hydration.