Massage with heated suction cups

price 280 RON


The technique of glass suction cup massage is an ancient form of traditional therapy that uses suction cups and suction force to stimulate the “Qi” or the flow of inner energy, directing them to specific areas of the body. Traditional Chinese medicine regards an optimal level of “Qi” as the secret of balance and tranquility in the body, thus preventing the appearance of various internal diseases or pains.

Also known as Cupping Therapy, this is the preferred technique of athletes, people suffering from fatigue, contractures and chronic pain, helping the body to recover after exertion and pain.

Among the main conditions that can be effectively treated with massage with glass suction cups, are:

  • stiff, tense or contracted neck
  • upper back pain
  • lower back pain
  • chronic pain in the hands and feet
  • muscle aches
  • contracts
  • muscle tension
  • Stretches
  • muscle ruptures
  • chronic fatigue

In addition to physical pain, heated suction cup therapy can be useful in treating fevers, colds and cramps.


BUDDHA SPA STUDIO has prepared for you the most beloved aesthetic treatment, a package of 5 sessions / 1h anti-cellulite massage at the price of 700 ron,meant to improve the appearance of the body. The anti-cellulite massage applied regularly will guarantee the achievement of the desired goals and you will be able to achieve a firm and smooth skin!

Every morning, from Monday to Thursday, between 10 am and 5 pm, you can benefit from the Deep Tissue massage, at a special price of only 150 RON. Book now and start the day with a perfect massage!

Here you will find exactly what you need to recover your balance through massage and Asian treatments.

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