Rules of conduct for Buddha Spa Studio

The purpose of our salon is to offer each of our clients a real moment of relaxation and good mood, so that we enforce the following set of rules to ensure a conducive atmosphere for visitors to Buddha Spa Studio.


We recommend the programming done in advance, on the website, calling on the help of our colleagues on social networks or by calling the phone number displayed on the site. We cannot guarantee the availability of places for on-site programming.


The clients of the salon are asked to arrive approximately 15 minutes before the appointment, in order to have enough time to properly prepare for the massage. Delay will limit the duration of treatment for the initially scheduled time interval. If the time delay left after the delay does not allow the massage to be performed, the client will reschedule to ensure that other clients will not face any inconvenience to delay their own software.


Please notify the therapist of a possible precarious physical condition, illness or condition you are experiencing or if you are pregnant.


For your comfort, we offer bathrobes, towels, slippers and disposable linen. During the massage, you can wear swimsuits. It is necessary to wear the underwear for single use by all men, during the massage procedure.


Our therapists will cover your body with towels, discovering only the specific area they are working on at the moment.


We recommend not to carry expensive jewelry, precious goods or other valuables with you.


The time interval for each massage procedure specified on the site is approximate and may present changes.


To keep the peace and quiet atmosphere of the salon, please set all mobile or electronic devices with silence ringing mode.


Any programming made for at least 3 persons must be canceled at least 48 hours before the date on which this programming must take place.


The presence of children in our salon is welcome. Our request is to respect the tranquility and calm specific to the location, so that we can all enjoy an authentic moment of relaxation.


In the event that you want to adjust the intensity or the way our therapists perform the massage, we recommend that you communicate them with all confidence, to ensure that your experience with Buddha Spa Studio will be a perfect one.


If you do not want to communicate during the massage, do not feel obligated to do so. Our therapists will adapt their attitude to your behavior. Our recommendation is to enjoy a moment of relaxation and peace.


The inappropriate behavior or language during the massage procedure will lead to the interruption of the massage and the therapist leaving the salon.


Please do not enter the massage room with food or drink.


Please use protective accessories specially designed for footwear, made available at the entrance to the salon.


Each norm imposed and each action of our therapists and staff members are set in a way that allows comfort and discretion.

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