Couples Massage

Special sensory journey
During this unique massage, you will be taken on a special sensory journey.

A relaxing experience, in an intimate and enchanting atmosphere, the Massage For Couples is the ideal choice for those who choose to celebrate their love and pamper their bodies. With the help of our therapists, you will be able to experience the traditional Asian relaxing massage with your partner!

The benefits of traditional Asian massage are extremely well known worldwide. In a society dominated by stress, tension, exhaustion and overtime work, Asian massage is one of the most effective ways to eliminate the effect of all these harmful factors in your body and mind.

Our Asian therapists guarantee that, after a massage session, your body will feel invigorated and rested, your mind will be clear and all those thoughts that did not let you relax will now be long forgotten. Couple massage is the ideal way to spend quality time with your partner. Massage sessions for two are the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind and enjoy peace, peace and calm together.

Our couple massage room has been specially designed for you and your partner to enjoy comfort, privacy and you can easily penetrate the typical Asian atmosphere. The ambiance, the room scent, the muted music, the decor, our fluffy robes and the Asian staff are here to offer you a real experience worthy of a spa immersed in the Asian jungle, right here in the city center.

For one hour, Buddha Spa Studio therapists will perform a relaxing massage using aromatic oils chosen by you, customizing each stage of the classic massage according to your wishes.

At the end of the massage session, we invite you to enjoy a cup of blue tea, extremely aromatic, which will complete the sensory experience.

It’s time to discover the magic of traditional Asian massage with your partner. Schedule right now online for a couple massage. Make an appointment online right now for a couple massage.

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