Standard Facial Massage

Facial refresh – revitalization and radiance
Give your complexion a standard refresh for healthier, brighter skin.

The skin is the area of ​​the body most prone to signs of stress, fatigue and aging. Choose to prevent their appearance and maintain the optimal level of hydration and brightness of your skin with the help of the universal treatment Buddha Spa Studio.

Our therapists use the Babor Cleanformance protocol to provide you with the cleansing, nourishment and vitality your skin needs. Facial massage is known as one of the most effective non-invasive methods to visibly reduce the signs of aging and the unpleasant appearance of the skin. With the help of specific movements and cosmetic treatment protocol, our therapists manage to restore the elasticity, suppleness and firmness of the skin, providing a visible lifting and shining effect right at the end of the session.

This treatment includes clean & amp; vegans from the Babor premium range. In order for you to enjoy a true aromatherapeutic and relaxing experience, we have selected a collection of products inspired by the aromas, textures and fragrance of nature, ocean and earth, enriched with CBD Oil extract and plant STEM cell complex, which will help you to enjoy the SPA experience taken to the next level.
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