5 essential benefits of reflexology

One of the oldest traditional massage techniques, reflexotherapy continues to surprise massage enthusiasts even today.

The first evidence of reflexology is over 3000 years old. Over time, it has been perfected and used both as a medical technique, to treat various conditions through reflexogenic points of internal organs, and as a way of relaxation.

The science of reflexology has studied in recent centuries the connection of reflexogenic points, connecting points present in the soles, palms, necks and ears with their internal correspondents, in order to be able to prevent and relieve their specific conditions.

Guided by a map of reflexogenic areas and points, therapists can help you better understand your body’s needs, overcome inner blockages or treat from within, through the body’s natural healing force, the conditions you face.

Today, the benefits of reflexology go beyond relaxation, which can be a real solution to the problems and discomfort caused by daily lifestyle, stress, fatigue, or seasonal changes.

Try reflexology and immunization massage at Buddha Spa Studio! Our Asian therapists will help you strengthen your body from the inside out!

1. Reflexotherapy treats immune problems

The specific movements of pressing and circular massage used by the reflexotherapist regulate the natural process of assimilation of nutrients and vitamins in the body, thus managing to relieve anemias, reduce problems of the digestive tract and treat conditions such as enterocolitis.

Reflexotherapy can speed up the natural healing process of seasonal diseases such as flu, cold or sinusitis.

2. Reflexotherapy soothes headaches

By touching and stimulating reflexogenic points in the soles, reflexotherapy has proven beneficial in treating migraines, headaches and sleep disorders.

3. Reflexotherapy stimulates circulation and accelerates metabolic processes

A reflexology session stimulates blood circulation in the hands and feet and starts the body’s natural detoxification process, improving metabolism and tone. Your body will get an energy boost, and you will feel refreshed and reinvigorated.

4. Reflexotherapy reduces inflammation and has analgesic effect on the body

Studies have shown that reflexotherapy can reduce inflammation in the body, while also helping to relieve internal pain, chronic or caused by various abnormalities of physiological processes.

5. Reflexotherapy gives you total relaxation

Due to the connection of reflexogenic points in the extremities with internal organs and their increased sensitivity, reflexology massage relaxes your body both inside and out, helping to establish a state of calm and tranquility.

Buddha Spa Studio therapists combine the Asian science of reflexology with aromatherapy to help you achieve the relaxation you want. Using an Asian-specific lotion as an emollient and having as an accessory the Filipino-specific wooden stick, they manage to isolate and treat each reflexogenic area individually.

Note that at Budhha Spa Studio reflexology combined with any other type of massage benefits the health of the body in the long term.

Put yourself in the hands of our professionals!

Try reflexology and immunization massage at Buddha Spa Studio! Our Asian therapists will help you strengthen your body from the inside out!
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