Massage Totally ZEN

Massage Totally ZEN price 500 RON Book Now Comfort and pampering from head to toe – this is the sensation you will experience when you try the Totally Zen massage at Buddha Spa Studio. In addition to the relaxing body massage, we have added the unisex facial treatment of hydration and brightness made with Babor …

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Massage Luxury Beauty Ritual

Luxury Beauty Ritual price 600 RON Book Now If you are looking for a complete relaxation and body and skin care ritual, Luxury Beauty Ritual is the right choice for you. It combines classic relaxing massagewith regenerating scrub and reflexology, while your skin enjoys a premium cosmetic protocol brand Babor. The well-known traditional practice of …

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Massage with heated suction cups

Massage with heated suction cups price 280 RON Book Now The technique of glass suction cup massage is an ancient form of traditional therapy that uses suction cups and suction force to stimulate the “Qi” or the flow of inner energy, directing them to specific areas of the body. Traditional Chinese medicine regards an optimal …

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Premium facial massage

Premium Facial Massage price 400 RON Book Now Combines luxury skin care with the asian massage tradition. This complex treatment is the ultimate treat for your skin. Combining Babor Cleanformance premium range products and specific lymphatic drainage and facelift movements, our therapists offer you a luxuriant pampering experience for your skin. Combining the aromatherapeutic properties …

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Scrub and relaxing massage

Scrub and relaxing massage price 250 RON Book Now The perfect mix between a relaxation session and a cosmetic treatment for the body. The massage begins with the body exfoliation stage performed with the help of a fine scrub based on sea salts and sugars, at the end of which I apply a moisturizing and …

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Back Head & Shoulders Massage

Back Head & Shoulders Massage price 200 RON Book Now A very efficient massage this technique focuses on the key parts of the body that usually are more predisposed to being affected by stress or a bad sleep position, this is the ideal remedy for your so needed relaxation.

Hilot Tradittional Massage

Hilot Tradittional Massage price 280 RON Book Now A powerful therapy rooted in the Philippine Wellness Tradition, the Hilot Massage consists in the use of preheated herbal oil that once applied will determine the increase of energy and unblock all obstructions. “Hilot” is a Philippine word used to describe a “healer” and one of the …

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Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage price 200 RON Book Now The Swedish Classic Massage is your best bet! It’s a great gentle massage for first timers and ideal for relaxing muscle tension and stress. Among the multiple benefits delivered by this specific massage is the improved blood flow which consequently will also deliver more oxygen to your cells.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage price 200 RON Book Now These oriental massage techniques use the fingers and thumbs on the pressure points of the body and they can be applied both dry or with oil. The body pressure is manipulated by tapping, rubbing and deeply probing which releases the energy flow around the body. This technique relieves …

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Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage price 200 RON Book Now A unique experience that comes with unique needs, the pregnancy can also be a time of celebration for the body, as it goes through an amazing transformation. With the help of the therapeutic bodywork are enhanced the function of muscles and joints, while improving the blood flow and …

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