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Welcome to Buddha Spa Studio, a unique and glamorous location, which harmoniously combines the tradition of renowned Asian massages with attention to detail, culture and professionalism of a team recommended by their own performances. Experience the Buddha SPA sensations with the most varied types of classical and Asian massages performed by Asian experts.

"And you, as much as anyone else in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

- Buddha -

Our Vision

It is to offer through the Buddha Spa Studio Premium services, in an authentic and relaxing atmosphere, meant to delight the senses and bring the therapeutic benefits of Asian massage to the forefront.

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Buddha, the symbol of inner peace, present and unconditional happiness is an absolute source of timeless wisdom and is found in both the design and the concept that inspired the creation of Buddha Spa Studio.


BUDDHA SPA STUDIO has prepared for you the most beloved aesthetic treatment, a package of 5 sessions / 1h anti-cellulite massage at the price of 700 ron, meant to improve the appearance of the body. The anti-cellulite massage applied regularly will guarantee the achievement of the desired goals and you will be able to achieve a firm and smooth skin!

Every morning, from Monday to Thursday, between 10 AM and 5 PM, you can benefit from the Deep Tissue massage, at a special price of only 160 RON. Book now and start the day with a perfect massage!

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